Case study: The Red Dress

A successful collaboration between actor and model, Kate Whiteley, The Red Dress featured a new item of costume as designed by a member of Kate's team and led to further work for Kate as a model.

Creative Team

Director & Camera: Jay Sillence
Model: Kate Whiteley
Costume: Katy's Mum
Assistant: Elinor Williams


Claire Fraser's mother-made Outlander inspired red-dress for competition inspires enquiries for work

Made for a competition an an Outlander convention, Kate's dress as made by her mother was inspired by Claire Fraser's red dress in Outlander season 2. As Kate's favourite, the dress is also a fan favourite and was recieved positvely during Kate's experience wearing this beautiful dress in front of the Outlander cast at a 2018 convention.


Capturing the essence of Kate's character and the intircacy of the details dress required a careful choice of locations and considered shots that highlight intricacies of the dress. Using natural lighting, the shoot was produced in a natural environment with no pressures: showing the value of simple concepts.


  • Enquiry from well known high street confectionary brand as direct result of video
  • 300+ reviews in 1st month / 600+ reviews in 1st year
  • Key reference point for Kate on social media (Instagram)

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