Creating video experiences to awe your customers

From a simple concept to an interactive story that only needs an expert eye to become the next hit, Inkblot is York’s choice when it comes to creating video solutions and artworks alike.

Achieve more than you thought with Video & Interactive

We are a creative video production company based in Yorkshire, and we love nothing more than working in partnership with passionate people from agencies and the world of marketing who have engaging stories to tell. What really fires our imagination is creating video and interactive experiences that ask challenging questions, inform audiences, or encourage people to take action to change our world.


We help agencies, businesses and brands captivate audiences with professional video content and unconventional video experiences, providing the stepping stones between your idea and a compelling finished product.


We’ll help you connect on another level by showing you how animation takes engagement in training or process videos and sales pitches to new heights.


Your audience sees the world in 360. We’ll encourage them to see your product, service, business or story in the same way.


Your York photography experts! Whether you want a simple portrait or you want to edit your entire family in an alternate universe, we can photoshop just about anything anywhere and make it look so realistic you’ll leave your friends asking, “wait, is this real?

Meet Us

Our artistic backgrounds shape the way we look at the world, and many of our films step ‘through the looking glass’, interpreting your message through an unconventional lens to make it stand out.

On the surface, a storm looks like chaos, but storms are born out of a precise set of circumstances, and they are part of a cyclical weather pattern.

Our values are, therefore, a bit like a storm: when an idea becomes strong enough and resonates, it shoots a lightning bolt and becomes disruptive, like an irresistible, power surge.

That is the moment we realise we have accomplished what is right for our customers. Truly great ideas aren’t owned, they have their own energy. We can’t hold them or touch them. We can just learn to manipulate this great energy.

Everyone has a story, and it is our job to demonstrate it to the world. This is our first tenet: because everyone comes from a different background, there is no story that is “uninteresting”, “boring” or “uninspired”. What truly sticks with us is those stories and those ideas that come from creative minds who are not afraid to grow and develop their tiny little worlds into giants.

We do this because we believe in the power of disruption. It’s only with chaos that we can grow as people and find organisation and harmony. Growth is difficult, but growth only comes from courage, which is why we have made a mission out of telling the right story, no matter how big, disruptive or difficult.

We are Inkblot. We make bold statements.

We choose to be outspoken, confident, empathetic, collaborative and transparent with likeminded people who wish to see drastic improvements to society in the 21st century. We embrace learning, innovation and self-awareness for our own well-being and for those we interact with.

Ultimately, challenges are meant to be overcome together. 

Inkblot’s vision is to reflect these values on all the work we do. 

Courage is, therefore, what defines Inkblot. Pushing boundaries and breaking the mould is everything a video is supposed to do.

Growth comes from courage.


A Back Catalogue of Success

We work with clients or their agencies to create heritage showstoppers, powerful corporate presentations, fiery music videos and family-friendly cartoons. Let us show you some examples of our “magic”:

Case Study: York Professionals
Amazon/ Ether/Awe/ Wooshii – it takes three!
Clements Insurance, Washington DC
Jorvik Viking Centre’s Viking Festival

Ready to Start?

From a process animation or explainer video to a music video production, if you have an idea that involves video, talk to us. Whether you’re in Yorkshire or Yavin, we’ll create a quality film, 360 photography, virtual reality, augmented reality experience or animation that does what your business or organisation needs it to do.

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