About InkBlot FIlms

InkBlot Films at Spark York by Olivia Brabbs Photography




Here at InkBlot Films, we’re movie nerds, art lovers and filmmakers, all rolled into one. 



We work with ambitious agencies, savvy marketing teams and project leaders to produce media content that deals with exciting, complex and socially challenging issues, then communicates in a clear and appropriate way.


Our Team 


Photo of Mike Leigh Cooper by Olivia Brabbs

Mike Leigh Cooper by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Mike Leigh Cooper

Production Team


Community-focused media practitioner with a focus on media arts and youth-engagement

With a background is in theatre, video, youth and support work, Mike has a strong interest in the creative use of technology. By occupying the spaces between camera operator, photographer, technician, journalist and facilitator, Mike bridges really cool technical stuff with really fun people things – whether it’s workshops, festivals or one-to-one: it’s the passion that counts.

Mike is especially excited when there’s a problem to be solved on a human level, especially with socially valuable projects that change the world we live in. Think events, public consultation and mixed arts facilitation.


Weapon(s) of choice:  360 Camera & audio recorder








Portrait of Jay Sillence, InkBlot FIlms by Olivia Brabbs

Jay Sillence by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Jay Sillence

Production Team

Quirky animator, illustrator, artist and best team member for geeky pop culture quiz

Jay is an 80’s, 90s & 2000’s’ film culture geek and has a strong sense of where the world was based on the release dates of films.

Jay is the creative powerhouse at InkBlot Films and translates words and ideas into illustrations, animations and video and with a background in stop-motion animation – as trained by Aardman animators – and fine art, you’re in excellent hands.


Weapon(s) of choice:  Pen & Paper or Wacom Tablet









Sam Gilboy by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Sam Gilboy by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Sam Gilboy

Production Team


Techy video editor, music-lover and behind-the-scenes magician

Sam is a man of power. His editing machine could probably control the world and it does when he’s playing games or a bass in his spare time…It’s nothing to complain about when it comes to post-production, mind.


Weapon(s) of choice: Loopdeck & ShuttlePro










Luis Alejandro Anaya Marín by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Luis Alejandro Anaya Marín by Olivia Brabbs Photography

Luis Alejandro Anaya Marín

Production Team


Master of sound design and old b/w photo retoucher

Luis is a the rocket that will take us to the moon here at InkBlot and is an enthusiastic member of the team who can solve almost any problem thrown at him!

As a man of detail, Luis usually has his head in a book, is watching a film, having a challenging discussion or considering something new. Luis keeps us on our toes with his exploration of theory, culture and an unrivalled curiosity.


Weapon(s) of choice: A sharp tongue & quiet observation









Serena Stampfer, InkBlot Films

Serena Stampfer

Serena Stampfer

Comms team

Cosplaying actor, voice-overs artist and Whovian

Serena is the voice of InkBlot FIlms and manages all of our social channels while the production team does what they do best and produce excellent content. Those of you who are eagle-eyed might recognise Serena from her extra work on primetime soap operas such as Emmerdale.


Weapon(s) of choice: Condensor mic & smart device











Donna Summers

Admin team

Back office, project management and admin

Donna supports our back office and admin along with initial enquiry responses. With a strong and varied background in professional services, Donna’s support ensures that we stay on target and on the ball at all times.


Weapon(s) of choice: Filofax & coloured pens