Animated Video Production

Get into Character

Products, complex concepts or training videos can all become a lively, fun and entertaining experience when you animate them! Get a message that is accessible and engaging, and add that sparkle to your communications.

Boundless 3D

If you want nothing more than to bring an entire world to life in every single dimension, then 3D animation is for you.

Work with our 3D animators to craft every detail of your new world, starting with and ending with our imagination.

If you have an interest in the wild and wonderful potential of nature, evolution and creature-design, we know you’ll be in the right place!

2D Charm

There’s no doubt that CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) packs a real punch, but the traditional 2D cell animation, as used by Walt Disney, has a certain charm.

We’ll work with whatever suits your brand best. Our talented team can make text appear or revolve and, with stop motion, we can twist time, moving products around as if by magic.

Just call us video wizards.


Some of our Animated Production Work

Clements Insurance, Washington DC
Big Brave Bill Music Videos for Kate Rusby
Drawsome! Fundraising Stop-Motion Promo

Mix it up with our multi-skilled team

Our multi-skilled team means can also mix in video, VR and 360 video. So give us a call and give your product, service, social media, internal comms, training or trade stand a boost.

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