We create inspirational content that empowers people

Truly great ideas aren’t owned, they have their own energy. Just as they don’t come solely from us, they don’t stay with us. We take a collaborative approach to our work; taking ideas and making them fly by pairing your knowledge of your organisation and audience with our creativity and production expertise.

Our Approach to Video Production

The Inkblot Story

InkBlot Films began life as a video agency in York in 2011. Filming across Yorkshire and beyond, we focus on the people behind your organisation, quickly getting right to the heart of what you do and helping you tell your story in a way that elicits a response.

Our artistic backgrounds shape the way we look at the world, and many of our films step through the looking glass, interpreting your message through an unconventional lens to make it stand out.

We are not constrained by the conventional: why should business imagery be bland? A training video can be as ingenious and engaging as a music promo. There is no right or wrong way to create video for your project. It boils down to knowing your audience, your purpose, your brand and your message.

And when it comes to tech, we’ve got it covered. From storyboards to drone footage, high definition cameras to cutting-edge editing facilities, we have it all, and our dedicated studio and post-production editing suite saves time to make the most of your budget.

We make a difference

Making a difference is a big deal to us. As a York-based studio, we are deeply involved in the local scene, and community projects, youth work and more are particularly close to our hearts. Let’s meet our team:

Mike Leigh Cooper

Project Management & Admin

Mike studied Theatre, Film and TV at York St John University and has followed a diverse career, taking in video journalism and media production in multiple sectors including youth work, charity and B2B.

Mike takes the lead on logistical delivery and systems management on our projects, working out how your creative vision can be delivered and scheduled by Serena.

Mike has a passion for people and stories, which means he enjoys working with people who are passionate about socially valuable projects that change our worlds.

Music. Don’t ask what his favourite band or genre is, but his pillars are: metal, hip hop, trip hop, certain funk and acoustic…He could go on (a lot).

Fixing things. Mike is a problem solver, so if there’s a situation to be navigated with technical skills, Mike will be wanting to get involved.

Mike represented the UK in 2011 as a video reporter for the European Commission and worked in a number of European countries on youth media projects between 2008 and 2012.

Jay Sillence

Production Manager

Jay has learned from the best: learning from tutors who worked on Spitting Image, Aardman Animations and the iconic Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer music video.

Jay takes the lead on all our animation, pre-production, and creative services including storyboarding and conceptualisation. You’ll work most with Jay on complex projects that make the most of our hybrid production model.

Jay is an 80’s, 90s & 2000’s’ film culture geek and has a strong sense of where the world was based on the release dates of films.

Sweets, Tea with 2 sugars & risqué jokes.

Draws, illustrates and entertains (ask him about Dr Sketchy’s York).

He owns a tortoise called Murray who has never been put in the fridge for hibernation.

Adam Greenwood

Production Lead

Adam has always been interested in telling stories: he used to draw comic strips and make stop motion animations as a child and often gathered school friends to shoot sketch shows.

Adam works alongside Mike and Jay, focusing on post-production and storytelling elements of our projects.

Adam is a vegan and despite what you’ve heard, he doesn’t feel the need to tell everyone. (Except here, just now, obviously).

Nothing makes Adam smile. Mike and Jay even tried to run his headshot through some software to alter it to make him look more cheerful. It was terrifying.

Spots the little moments that tell the story. Also adept at “fixing it in post”.

When Adam cooks, he talks about the seasoning as if it’s music (“this curry needs more bass”, “this sauce has too much treble”).

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