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Our process creates…

a common thread

We recognise the value of knowing where you're at and where you're heading, and we’ve developed a process that has become the common thread that runs through all our projects.
Every project is unique, which means that your process may be weighted differently in any of the areas below, but it’ll give you a good idea of how things will shape up as we work together.

Let’s start at the very beginning…


It all starts with your enquiry

It all starts with your enquiry and discovery session, where we delve into what you’re after and come up with ideas to bring your project to life.


Then comes the formal bit

Then comes the formal bit, where you approve and sign your contract, and we agree terms, the payment schedule, project scope and deliverables.


Now for the fun stuff! 

Now for the fun stuff! We’ll introduce you to the team, take you through what to expect as we work together, and collect any existing assets or brand guidelines we might need from you.


Then straight into pre-production and planning,

From there, it’s straight into pre-production and planning, where we’ll give you a delivery timeline, detailed schedule, and get on with casting, locations, permissions, sub-contracts, storyboarding, shot listing, script-writing, and prompts – whichever is relevant to your project.


Filming your video and recording content

This paves the way for filming your video and recording content – be that on location, in the studio, or beyond - closely followed by post-production, where we bring your video to life by editing, animating, illustrating, polishing audio, adding music, graphics, name straps, transcription, captions or subtitles.


How's it looking?

Now you get to see how it’s all looking, and we’ll work through any minor alterations that may be needed to get everything exactly as you want it. From there, it’s all yours, and once the final payment is received, we will export your videos for upload to your account, transfer the files to your system or HDD, and off you go!


We hate saying goodbye

We hate saying goodbye, and so before we bid you farewell on a project, we’ll always review and debrief with you, so you can feedback about your experience. And we hope that, like many of our happy clients, you’ll be back again soon!


Felt really welcomed and valued

I really enjoyed working with InkBlot films. I felt really welcomed and valued. I would love to work with them again without a doubt.

Rebecca Lingwood , Actor, Voice over artist

We'd love to hear your idea

If you have an idea you’d like to chat about, we’d love to hear it. Give us a call.

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