Do we have your attention?

Fun fact:

websites with video hold attention up to

up to FIVE times longer

And we’re not just talking a few seconds. We’re talking minutes. Up to FIVE minutes.

Don’t believe us?
See for yourself.

Having information at our fingertips is shortening the human attention span. Standing out is the new blending in, and it’s what we do best. Keeping people’s attention in a world of instant gratification and almost infinite distractions is no mean feat, but it’s what we do. All part of the service.

A feast for an image-hungry world

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is the Tate Modern! It can stop social media scrollers in their tracks, keep even the most demanding presentation audiences awake, grab shoppers’ attention in store, or bring a complex concept to life. So if it’s a visual feast you’re looking for, we’ll cook up a storm with promotional video production.

Playing to your strengths

Professionally produced video is streets ahead of amateur YouTube footage or a juddering Facebook Live. We team the best digital technology with boundless imagination to grab the attention of the people who matter to you. From a customer testimonial video or branded content to a detailed instructional video, you will end up with a polished and professional finished product with customer service to match

Finishing touches

As part of our video production service, we can source the perfect soundtrack, add the ideal special effects, or make your logo shine. We also have a permanent studio, set up with professional lighting and green screens to give your promotional videos polish.

How we work

We take a collaborative approach to our work; taking ideas and making them fly by pairing your knowledge of your organisation and audience with our creativity and production expertise.


Great attitudes, and focus

We've worked with these guys many times on video projects. Would recommend to many. Such great attitudes, and focus.

Dom Smith , Entrepreneur

If you’re all about standing out, we’re the people for you

For video that goes beyond the beige, talk to us or take a look at our animation and interactive experience services.