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The more dynamic your content, the more it will be watched. Our video production can stop your audience in their tracks.

A feast for an image-hungry world

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is the Tate Modern! Social media, in-store screens and presentation audience are demanding. But InkBlot can cook up a storm.

Latest Video Work

Hollywood effects

Professionally produced video is streets ahead of any amateur YouTube or a juddering Facebook Live broadcast. We team the best digital technology with boundless imagination to grab your customers’ attention.

Playing to your strengths

Don’t want to appear on camera? We have access to professional voiceover artists and talented animators. No time to interview the public? No problem. We can do this for you. You may not even need a moving video to make an impact – just take a look at our VR and 360 services.

Filling in the gaps

As a video production service, we can source that perfect soundtrack, add the ideal special effect, make your logo shine. We also have a permanent studio, set up with professional lighting and green screens.


Video producers, animators and VR and AR creators with a passion for people and stories.


InkBlot Films
Hiscox Business Club
The Hiscox Building
Peasholme Green
North Yorkshire

01904 221 470

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