July 9

Stuart Semple’s TWIST IT!


Creative Team

Producer: Stuart Semple
Editor, Animator & Illustrator: Jay Sillence


Work with Stuart to create assets for his animated TWIST IT public engagement game and art intervention, TWIST IT!

Our main output was a series of animated short clips around colours, personal features and even animals in Stuart Semple's public art intervention as featured in his 2019 exhibition, "Dancing on my Own".

Twist It! acted as a live, City-wide game for communities to play. With giant coloured dots for people to interact with, our animations instructed people with different hair, eye colour and clothing to play with the dots and have fun with each other in classic 90s style.


Stuart Semple is a world-renowned artist, art supplies maker, public artist and provocative force in bringing positive change through art.

Prior to opening his late 2019 exhibition, in celebration of 20 years as an artist, Stuart Semple contacted Jay, with the idea of creating a series of short animations using 1990s inspired Memphis Group shapes and colours. Some of the animations required hand-drawn elements and some required cut out photographs, meshed with full-motion 2D animation.

Twist It! not only formed part of Stuart's exhibition, which ran in Bermondsey Art Space in August - September 2019, but it was also presented in Bournemouth City Centre as a giant interactive game, taking inspiration from the popular family game 'Twister'.


  • Working to a supplied voiceover to create all assets, gain approval and animate once approved
  • Utilise stock and creative commons assets in a vibrant style that adds a custom and consistent flair to the videos
  • Multiple versions of the video including a trailer for both public use and as part of the gallery exhibition in London


As a busy artist and business owner, Stuart Semple requires quality, efficiency and creative flair so that he can trust out output. When time is at a premium, we worked hard to follow Stuart's brief and to keep him and his team informed at every critical decision point for the project.


  • Voted as one of the top 7 exhibitions in London at the time
  • Formed part of the exhibition without any issues or errors
  • fully played outside of the gallery, in public!

Multidisciplinary British artist

“Main thought - WOW – yes yes yes and more YES!!! I think the cutaways are fab! It'll loop well in a gallery. It's really banging now, super watchable.”

Stuart Semple


Animation, Community Engagement, Highlights

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