October 13

Review on Tenet (2020) is it worth seeing?


By Chantele Hodson

It was typical for a Christopher Nolan film to make me leave the cinema feeling confused. The never-ending loop, the unanswered questions, the confusion around time. Despite this, it didn’t fail to excel in the cinematography and the choreographed action scenes. The storyline followed a secret agent who embarked on a dangerous mission to prevent WW3. The protagonist, which was played by John Washington, was a great choice for the role and he confidently guided us through the plot regardless of the complex events. His relationship with the character ‘Neil’ played by Robert Pattinson was well portrayed and I personally thought they complemented each other extremely well.  

Many critics have compared this film to James Bond; however, I didn’t see the similarity. The plot was intelligent, but it lacked connection which I think James Bond so easily represents. With both the main actors being secret agents, I appreciate the understanding, but they are so different in many ways.  

The antagonist ‘Andrei Sator’ which was played by Kenneth Branagh was an excellent decision for the role, and I couldn’t picture a better fit. He is also a great actor which was one of the reasons why I was so excited to see it.  

One of the issues I had with watching Tenet in the cinema, is that it was extremely loud and uncomfortable. This was one of my first ventures back to the cinema since lockdown, so I was looking forward to it. The action scenes were so loud that it took the enjoyment away from the movie. To understand the complexity of this film, I would have to watch it again so I can listen to the dialogue without the need to block my ears. 

Overall, this film is an experience, and I would highly recommend going to watch it. If you’re a film lover and into Christopher Nolan films this will not disappoint. If you don’t understand it the first time, I recommend seeing it again and it will feel like a masterpiece.  


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