Case study: Trust-enhancing video interviews with financial planners for award-winning social agency. 

Working with Pick and Mix Marketing, our brief was to interview members of Ardent Financial in line with previous, existing video content. As individual-focused video producers, we excited to explore working with a new, varied team to establish a comfortable tone for each interview.

Creative Team

Lead Agency: Pick & Mix Marketing
Client: Ardent Financial
Production: InkBlot Films
Actor: Serena Stampfer


At Ardent are passionate about helping their clients make the most of their finances. Which is why they take the time to get to know individuals,their lifestyle and aspirations, before offering personalised financial planning and advice, tailored to the individual.

Ardent Financial have a competent, welcoming team at their unique York office on Bootham. Reflecting the brand in aesthetic and form, the small office captures the essence of Ardent and provides a natural backdrop for video interviews. Well lit, spacious and bright, we found working alongside jess from Pick and Mix to be a pleasure and delight, which was reflected in the mood and response from Ardent to the final videos in that they were extremely pleased.


Having not meant the team and having worked with Pick and Mix Marketing once in the past, it was important that we layed the groundwork for building rapport and showing ourselves as personable, understanding people who will bring a positive atmostphere to our interviews. If interviewees needed support, we were on hand to offer in the form of patience, a relaxed response and encouragement.


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