I'm slightly obsessed with improving my work, reading about psychology and dreaming up a world where I'm kicking butt, making positive changes in the world and connecting people through a genuine brand that inspires my team and really helps our clients.

At the start of 2020, I would have said that sounded unrealistically optimistic (despite being in to positive thinking) and probably cycnically thought that software couldn't make that much of a difference to business. I've since interviewed clients of one of our customers and discovered that a business really can be inspiring, collaborative, bring huge benefits and have great rapport with it's clients by constantly striving and caring. (shout out to Lyn and the staff at Legend - what you do is amazing!)

In 2017, slightly overwhelmed by multiple apps, software applications and attempts at making the business "work", I was burnt out on finding a solution any time soon.

I'd considered myself knowledgable with software, at least more than most of my peers and I'd used CRMs built for multinationals, really slick systems for small business, Open Source software and really simple options that were meant to be less annoying (and called exactly that).

Despite trying so many software options over a number of yearsto improve our business, I still didn't feel any closer to the right solution to our business.

This is where Dubsado comes in

Enter Dubsado: one day, on of my wonderfully wild, fearless and adventurous friends, Richard MacCowan who runs BioMimicary UK, told me about a system he was looking at called Dubsado.

I was having one of those days which drive me forwards when I JUST GO FOR IT.

On this occasion, I signed up to a CRM that looked different in that it was designed for Creatives. I thought that if it's built for people like me, maybe it will stick, so I just signed up. I didn't think about it, I just did it.

Since then, Dubsado has become a word I use daily. Like when I say to Google something when I mean to search the internet using a search engine, when I say "have you checked Dubs" or "can we do it in Dubsado", I mean most of the core processes that run our business; from emails to projects, customer portals, invoices, payment processing, automations, questionnaires, proposals and probably much more I haven't yet figured out how to use (it can do so much).

Recently, Dubsado asked the user base some questions, so I thought we'd join in. They're giving away a lifetime license, after all and although I genuinely feel that the monthly fee is one of the best things we can spend our money on, a lifetime license wouldn't hurt at all.

Read on for our take on why we confidently fly the Dubsado flag.

Why we switched from another platform to Dubsado

Dubsado isn't just a CRM. It's a business manager, which we've never had before, so I don't have a comparison other than with a CRM and the last CRM we were using before Dubsado was the Less Annoying CRM, which we'd been introduced to through Mike's fleeting attempt at working with the hugely inspiring Utility Warehouse .

Less Annoying CRM - was really good for tracking interactions with individuals, which is why it makes such a good fit for a business such as Utility Warehouse depends on growing a large sales team to make a good living, so it makes sense. It wasn't for us - we actively lost clients as a business by mixing approaches, but it did teach us a lesson about what does work for us.
Less Annoying CRM didn't do almost everything else that Dubsado does, which really represented challenging me about my business and more importantly providing mechanisms to improve how the business functions and the processes we can run, so when I saw the potential of Dubsado, I couldn't not give it a go.

How Dubsado has helped our business

Dubsado helps us every single day. Most recently, the link with Stripe allowed us take payment for a project via a credit card, which was the only way we were getting paid for a project.

Don't get me wrong - it's not solved all our challenges, by any step - which is more on me than the software - but, I've also never felt more empowered by something I use ona computer that provides the opportunity to improve our systems and overcome the pains of growing in ways that make our efforts repeatable.

Whenever we have an issue, frustration or challenge, I feel extremely comfortable dropping the support team a line via chat to discuss or search The Facebook community.
If I feel stuck, I often refer to videos, so I never ever feel isolated. this week I spotted something new in the form of tutorials on how to perform common actions.

How we use Dubsado to manage our business.

Currently, the main benefit from Dubsado is that we have a reference for our packages and everything we sell, which are reflected in our proposals. Our proposals are templated and can be drawn up in minutes rather than hours, which it used to take.

We had one project which required an NDA signing before engagement, which I was able to do by using Workflows to automate the process starting with an email, continuing with a form which triggered a custom form. Once this was signed, it triggered the rest of the process - and if it wasn't, another set of actions was triggered until the form was signed and everyone was inducted with the same information. AMAZING!
Outside of Dubsado, even learning how to visualise this from th community, I've improved my ability to design workflows. I'm still testing and over-complicating, however, I'm constantly learning and I love it.

Try Dubsado yourself.

To give this a go yourself, you can sign up free trial at Dubsado.com.
Use our referral code of mike_and_jays_discount to lock in the price and get 20% off or click below.

If it works for you, it might change your business and your outlook in general (they're a lovely team).