July 9

Explainer video production for Varney Driving School


Creative Team

Client: James Varney, Varney Driving School
Jay Sillence, InkBlot Films


Create a visual style and identity that includes the Varney Driving School logo and creates a short, recognisable intro for all future video content. 


With a clean, clear and simple brand, James's business is going from strength to strength and is recognised as one of the. top three driving schools in York. As part of James's growth, he is looking to create more up to date video content and instructional explainer videos, which help to boost James' personal brand as the leader of his business. The animation we created will serve as Varney Driving School's refreshed intro to all videos


  • A concept of a standard that will last by not using any overly stylised elements that may date the concept or animation. 
  • As a specialist instructor, something simple would speak to the approach of James's teaching style.
  • The logo should peel off the car and land full screen as a transition into the main content


Jay's expertise in guiding and facilitating creative development really shines through on certain projects such as this: Jay supplied style examples, concepts for James to choose from and worked with James to refine his ideas and amend the video using our online video feedback tools until the project was signed off.




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