July 8

Drawsome! Fundraising Stop-Motion Promo


Creative Team

Director & Camera: Jay Sillence
Art Design: Richard Corrigan
Animators: Jay Sillence, Mim Robson


 An instant stop motion POW-erful that set the creative scene for summer 2019's Drawsome! at Spark:York.
Three artists and designers collaborated in all aspects of this video to unite and create a fun-filled stop motion video.


An illustration exhibition and live music event to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer UK Artists Mim Robson, Richard Corrigan and Jay Sillence combined skills to hand-produce a 52 second stop motion advert and feast for the eyes. Richard created laser-cut type and icons, Mim Robson developed a concept and supported Jay Sillence as lead animator to draw on his experience to pull together a smoothly animated concept video.



Under tight time pressures, the team refined ideas to overcome a requirement for constant movement without being overwhelming, keeping a consistent style and tone in animation and aesthetics while troubleshooting the expectations of the initial idea with the limitations on the shoot day.



  • 100+ tickets sold
  • 150+ attendees
  • 200+ donations
  • Over £3,500 in donations


Animation, Community Engagement

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