July 9

Contemporary Relationship Education Videos for Teens


Creative Team

Project Lead: Kate Allen, Polarized Youth
Production: Mike Leigh Cooper, Jay Sillence, InkBlot Films
Post Production: Mike Leigh Cooper, Jay Sillence
Audio Sweetening: Dave Walker, Ether/Awe
Scriptwriting: Kate Allen, Serena Stampfer, Jay Sillence
Casting & Production Support: Serena Stampfer, InkBlot Films


Youth support charity, Polarized Youth, approached us for a full video production service from concept to delivery.
They wanted a series of short videos for education with an estimated lifespan of 5 - 10 years.

This included full-service pre-production, production and post-production: from the first step to final delivery.


With insight in to changes in education and challenges facing teenagers in navigating and understanding romantic and intimate relationships. Polarized Youth needed full support on every aspect of production from scratch, including concept and script.


  • full-service pre-production: character development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, shot list, casting, production scheduling
  • Full production service
  • Full post-production service: video editing, sound mixing and mastering. 


Uniting like never before: Mike, Jay and Serena got to work with Kate, forming a strong, unified team who took on every aspect of the challenge of making a series of short films.

The true strength of our dynamic as InkBlot Films benefitted this project all the way through to a final screening, creating a series of short films that we are extremely proud, even if we can't show publicly due to signing an NDA. 


We delivered at least 3-4 times the value of the project budget because we believe in the project and the ethos behind educating young people. As a socially conscious production company, we're dedicated to supporting our communities.


  • 6x educational videos, ready for distribution to schools for workshops and sessions
  • A stonking success


Community Engagement, Education, Video

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