July 8

Big Brave Bill Music Videos for Kate Rusby


Creative Team

 Kate Rusby
Lead Agency: 
Lazenby Brown
Animation Lead: Jay Sillence
Animators: Robert Poller, Kaya Oldaker


Creating animated videos of a Yorkshire-inspired superhero Big Brave Bill. Bill was the figurehead of Kate Rusby's family-friendly song. This involved working on the concept, storyboarding, animating and editing of the video.


Lazenby Brown is an award-winning brand design agency who bring brands to life. The agency had already designed the Big Brave Bill concept for folk singer Kate Rusby. They asked us to bring the character to life in an animated video for the song ‘Big Brave Bill’. After the success of the summer video, we then reinvigorated the original video for Christmas.



There was a specific visual style requirement and a tight deadline for an animation. Our main challenge was to establish an efficient workflow. We hired external animators to collaborate on the video. We also contributed creatively, developing and firming up creative ideas for the video with the agency.



  • Toured as part of Kate Rusby’s live show
  • Over 65,000 views in six months
  • The Christmas video received 6,600 views in just two months

Really understanding and accommodating

“We’ve used InkBlot films twice now and they have been great to work with. Really understanding and accommodating, both projects delivered on time.” – Mat Lazenby, Lazenby Brown


Mat Lazenby


Animation, Music Video

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