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Get Animated

In the time it takes you to read this,
you could have lost 50-70% of your audience.

Still with us?

Then how about…

  • Bringing a complex process or concept to life with animation?
  • A short explainer video to introduce your company or service?
  • A sleek animated intro for YouTube videos to instantly elevate your brand?
  • A stop motion video to help you stand out in your next sales pitch?
  • An animation that will work across all your communication channels – or something to add a wow factor on a single, specific platform?

It doesn’t matter whether you come to us with a fully formed idea or a blank sheet of paper: we’ll create something magical.

Animation grabs people's attentions and keeps it.

It doesn’t matter whether you come to us with a fully formed idea or a blank sheet of paper: we’ll create something magical.

Animation grabs people’s attention, and keeps it.

Get into character

So, for a new product, explaining a complex concept, livening up a training programme or internal communications with added pizzazz, we’ll animate your message to make it more accessible and engaging.

Boundless 3D

If you want nothing more than to bring an entire world to life in every single dimension, then 3D animation is for you.

Work with our 3D animators to craft every detail of your new world, starting with and ending with our imagination.

If you have an interest in the wild and wonderful potential of nature, evolution and creature-design, we know you'll be in the right place!

2D Charm

There’s no doubt that CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) packs a real punch, but the traditional 2D cell animation, as used by Walt Disney, has a certain charm.

We’ll work with whatever suits your brand best. Our talented team can make text appear or revolve and, with stop motion, we can twist time, moving products around as if by magic.

Just call us video wizards.

Tactile Motion

Looking for a cartoon or claymation animation (think Yorkshire’s very own Wallace and Gromit)?

We’re in our element! Our experienced illustrators design unique characters and then bring them to life through hand-drawn or computer generated animation.

Working with us

We take a collaborative approach to our work; taking ideas and making them fly by pairing your knowledge of your organisation and audience with our creativity and production expertise.

A pleasure to work with Jay and Mike

It was a pleasure to work with Jay and Mike on the intro for my videos for my YouTube channels. I came to them with a particularly vague brief and we had a great consultation meeting to help flesh out some ideas. I did cause some complications mid-way with some changes which they were happy to oblige with. I was very happy with the final product. If I have need of work for a similar project I will definitely use them again.

Mix it up with our multi-skilled team

Our multi-skilled team means can also mix in videoVR and 360 video.
So give us a call and give your product, service, social media, internal comms, training or trade stand a boost.

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