December 2019

Mike Leigh Cooper
December 18, 2019
Ebor360 becomes InkBlot360 and merges with InkBlot Films

Since 2013, Mike Leigh Cooper has been trading as Ebor360 in Yorkshire to shoot hundreds of 360 virtual tours for Google Maps and privately hosted tours. Having shot and published hundreds of projects, Ebor360 holds value for InkBlot Films as a trusted photography provider of nearly 6 years that can enhance the potential of a wider range of services for InkBlot Films, which was rebranded in 2019 and has incorporated InkBlot360 for 2020.

As part of the rebranding process, InkBlot Films have worked with Richard Gray of ZumoJuice to create a stronger identity for the business that carries through in a new website by NIMA, which puts the work we do centre stage.

By incorporating InkBlot360 and the portfolio of the business into InkBlot Films, the company can work more efficiently and strategically in delivering what they’re known for: facilitating media productions that provide audience engagement on social issues that shape and change our world.

Speaking about the merger, business partner, Mike comments:

360 photography and virtual tours are still and will always be a huge passion of mine. I’m hugely passionate about capturing spaces and adding interactive elements to photos and still contribute my efforts on a voluntary basis to the Google Streetview Trusted community by shooting virtual tours for Google Maps as well as for privately hosted tours. I’ve always wanted to combine what was previously offered through Ebor360 on projects with InkBlot Films, and now we can do this much more clearly.

Mike Leigh Cooper

By merging the two businesses, InkBlot Films hope to free up more resource on reimagining how their business operates by improving customer journeys and utilising a business management software solution that will allow the team to build stronger relationships and streamline projects from enquiry to delivery including a centralised portal, improved proposals and clearer feedback.

As a business, we’re finding our niche and feel like we’re engaging with our enquiries in an increasingly strong way – which is providing opportunities to grow as artists when it comes to production – but we were also finding certain tasks taking up a disproportionate amount of time, which we want to alleviate in one combined system for one business, rather than two.

Jay Sillence

From January 2020, the team are looking forward to designing new processes for products and services to be delivered as well as exploring how they deliver our marketing in the future, starting with the engagement of a content writer to assist in growing their online presence.

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