Jorvik Viking Festival Promotional Video Hits 4,000 Views

In the run up to the ever-enjoyable Jorvik Viking Festival, here at InkBlot HQ, we’re pleased to see how well our video for the 2014 landmark 30th event named after Ragnorok is doing extremely well as interest fires up for the 2015 festival.

Taking place every February, InkBlot Films have had the pleasure of recording the event for the JORVIK Group on an annual basis. The large scale of the 2014 event offered us a number of logistical issues, through which we shone through to provide this fun video that captures the essence of this viking themed extravaganza.

If you’ve not our action packed video already, which features interviews, night time footage and day time clashes of warriors, watch below to enjoy footage from last year’s event or click here to follow #JorvikVikingFest on Twitter

Jorvik Viking Festival 2015 will take place from 14th – 21st February 2015 across York.