InkBlog Storyboarding

In my newest blog I’m talking about storyboarding and animatics, which can help out a music video or film shoot invaluably. I begin every project with a storyboard which I turn into an animatic (a moving storyboard) which gives you a great idea of composition and pace before you even pick up a camera. It can also really help with pitches and giving your client a visual idea of how the end result may look.

Here I’m presenting one of my favourite storyboards which was a film noir style music video for a song called The Competition Winner for a band I’ve worked a lot with called Officers. This project involved a lot of research on Film Noir and its genre as to make an homage to the style without parodying it, it was storyboarded, props and actors were cast but, due to the band’s involvement with Gary Numan, the video was never filmed, fortunately for me I was invited to help shoot the Officers X Numan music video Petals instead which can be seen here.

I’m very pleased to show you my vision of this video and if you’ve got any comments please leave them below.