InkBlot Films team up with Ebor360 to Bolster JORVIK Group Marketing Offer

We’re very happy to announce that InkBlot Films have teamed up with Ebor360 Photography to bolster the marketing of Barley Hall in York, a family friendly medieval banqueting hall. This means that not only will visitors be able to preview Barley Hall via video online, but they will also be able to walk around the venue in their own time by exploring a virtual tour on Google Maps, as provided by Ebor360.

This really shows off the medieval splendour of Barley Hall and will allow us to showcase the attraction to a wider audience. The Great Hall, possibly one of the most beautiful rooms in the building is now available for all to see not only in 360 degree on Google Maps but in video as well, allowing us to tempt people to come find us before they even reach York.

The video features footage from the popular attraction, including Plague, Poverty and Prayer, an exhibition featuring insights from popular children’s book series, Horrible Histories as created by Terry Deary. The video takes the viewer around the venue from the main entrance, through the dark, through disgusting doctors stories, rat infested banqueting tables and through to smells, sights and audio video aspects of each exhibition.

See our video below and click here to visit Ebor360 to see the virtual tour for Barley Hall.