Meet Our Team

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Mike Leigh Cooper

email Mike| t: 07950 389 563

I have a passion for people and stories: meaning that I love working with passionate people who have a story to tell.

My background is in theatre, video, youth and support work. I have a strong interest in the creative use of technology and occupy the spaces between videographer, photographer, technician, journalist and facilitator. This means that I bridge really cool technical stuff with really fun people things – whether it’s workshops, festivals or one-to-one: it’s the passion that counts.

Let’s work together to inspire the world and have the courage to stand by our convictions.




Camera operator, editor.

Fave camera:

Sony NX5

Edits on:

FCPx & 7, occasionally Adobe Premiere

Five Faves:

Fave band: 311
Fave film: Amelie
Fave Gadget: Chromecast
Fave place: On a train or plane going somewhere!
Top achievement: Representing UK on European Commission project in 2011


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Jay Sillence

email Jay| t: 07901 635 651

I get really excited by quirky arts and illustration

My background is in animation, illustration and photography. I have a strong focus on taking inspiration from the right sources to really lift the aspirations of ideas and paint a vivid picture of the video before we even shoot.  This also means we get to play around with ideas at an early stage, before it’s all set in stone – whether it’s just trying that music that might work or giving that shot a go: the sky is the limit in pre-production.

Let’s work together to create exciting concepts that stand strong.




Camera operator, editor, storyboard illustrator.

Fave camera:

Canon 5d Mk3

Edits on:

Adobe Premiere

Five Faves:

Fave musical genre: Film soundtracks
Fave film: Kung Fury
Fave Gadget: LED lights
Fave place: Berlin
Top achievement: Working on the music video for Petals by Officers ft. Gary Numan